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Introduction to Filmmaking (10-week)

Introduction to filmmaking, editing and screenwriting course

Taught in an engaging, fun and creative manner by acclaimed actor and Director Julian Kerridge, is our flagship short course in Filmmaking. This is the perfect introduction to those who might not have much experience in film, feel a bit rusty or would just like to explore a new area of creativity. It is also an excellent way for film buffs to have a go at making film themselves.

Using a combination of practical workshops, presentations and film analysis, the course will provide you with experience and support in writing for the screen, producing, shooting and editing broadcast-quality moving images, and understanding screen acting techniques from both actor and director perspectives.

The filmmaking course includes:

  • Introduction to our HD cameras and sound kit
  • Introduction to screenwriting through analysis and creation of a 1 minute drama
  • Lighting and acting workshops
  • How to construct a scene: the mis-en-scene
  • The perfect pitch
  • Acting and the camera
  • Live shooting
  • Editing
  • Delivering a final cut!


There are start dates on:

  • Thursday 29th September 2016
  • Thursday 26th January 2017
  • Thursday 27th April 2017
This is a part-time evening class and runs from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.
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