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How to Write a Screenplay - Introduction

Screenwriting for beginners

Do you wonder where to start and how to write a screenplay? Do you have a great idea for film or television but don’t know how to develop it into a script? Here is your opportunity to discover how.

Based on Martin's real industry experience; the approach of this course might best be described as empowering. This is a screenwriting course that favours learning and development through the 'practice' of screenwriting rather than through the unpicking of the multitude of prescriptive 'theories' that abound about writing for screen.

Through a combination of insightful talks, non-prescriptive direction and support, and the critical engagement with the ideas and writing of your peers, you will develop the fundamental understanding and skills necessary to start your journey as a screenwriter.

As a beginners course, our focus will be on the following fundamentals:

  • Cinematic writing - What makes writing for screen, writing for screen?
  • Story - What is it and how do we control it?
  • Story, Plot and the Unifying Idea - What happens? How does it happen? And what is it about?
  • The Craft of Writing in Screenplay Format.
  • The Holy Trinity of Character, Dialogue, and Narrative.
  • The Tools and Methodology - Developing Your Own Writing Process.

Course duration

There are 6 taught sessions (6 weeks) held at Brighton Film School, one evening class each week. There may be instances when the group agrees to extend the course to 8 weeks to allow for reading breaks, work breaks and independent creative study. This is at no extra cost.

'How to Write a Screenplay' timetable

This course is taught on a Tuesday evening 18.45-20.45pm. Dependent on the group you may wish to work in addition outside these times using our studio space when not in use by other groups.

The 'How to Write a Screenplay' course has three start dates:

  • Tuesday 25th April 2017
  • September 2017
  • January 2018

We also teach 'How to Write a Screenplay - Intermediate' and 'How to Write a Screenplay - Advanced' should you wish to continue developing your projects.

About the tutor... MARTIN SADOFSKI

Born in Bradford from a Russian Jewish background. He painted sets for Bradford Playhouse, and developed an interest in theatre. He studied English and Theatre at Manchester University for three years.

'Outside Of Heaven' his first play was winner of the 1995 Yorkshire Playwrights competition. It received a full sell out production at the Royal Court in London.

"This is fine, pulsating writing which ... is likely to be hailed as one of the debuts of the year. - Lyn Gardner, The Independent

Following this he spent two years as the ITV sponsored writer in residence at the National Theatre in London.

Martin then progressed to writing films and Television drama. “Walking On the moon” about a teenager who is bullied at school, directed by BAFTA winning director Peter Kosminsky.

Described by Time Out as "brilliant", Martin's two-part BBC television drama BLOOD AND PEACHES about Bradford youth was screened in 1996.

In the late nineties he worked on the New Labour Election campaign and wrote three party political Broadcasts.

He has written three acclaimed single films for BBC one.

“The Hitch” “Your Mother Should Know” “Come Fly With Me”

He has worked uncredited for Miramax films as a script fixer.

His last theatre play ‘Nevermind’ about Kurt Cobain played to full houses at the Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington in July 2009 .

“There's a reason the theatre exists, and it’s to see really terrific new plays like this. Grab it before it goes.” - The Evening Standard.

His feature film Seamonsters won best film at Nantes Film festival 2013, and was nominated for best feature at Raindance 2013 and Austin Film festival 2013.

His advertising and branded content films include “Celia & Chloe” a teen drama series in partnership with Disney. He recently wrote the short film for Prostate Cancer UK Charity “Fathers Day” A cinema short drama stariing Ray Winstone, John Simm, and Charles Dance which won an award at Cannes.

He is currently developing a three part series for American TV with producer/director Charles Beeson.

Course fees

Please see our course fees page.