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Intermediate Filmmaking course at Brighton Film School

Intermediate Filmmakers course: for students who want to learn more

Brighton Film School are launching a brand new short course for students who have completed the Introduction to Filmmaking course and would like to develop their skills further. Applicants who have not completed the introductory course may be considered if they can show evidence demonstrating comparable skills in practical video production e.g. YouTube/Vimeo channel, website or showreel videos. The course will run from Wednesday 3rd May 2017 for ten weeks every Wednesday from 6:30pm - 9:30pm.

On this ten week course you will take a further look at the principles governing the capture of the moving image, so you can transfer your skills to higher level professional cameras.  The classes progress in a similar way to the introductory course, with new topics discussed weekly in a relaxed informal environment.  At the start of each session, you will explore a new skill set,  practice these skills and edit the results on Final Cut Pro.  Towards the end of the course, you will again be pitch and produce two short films to be filmed in the last three weeks.

You will also examine the logistics and constraints of planning a studio shoot with shot lists and storyboards whilst maintaining the importance of keeping performances fresh.  There is an introduction to three point lighting with theory and practical applications. You will also look at hand held camera technique and how movement affects point of view.

Course content:

  • Refresher on cinematic and camera theory
  • Using DSLR’s and professional cameras with the opportunity to shoot with the Black Magic cinema camera
  • Practical lighting workshop
  • Introducing three point lighting with a focus on lighting faces. Using soft/hard effects and three dimensional modelling
  • Hands-on practical camera skills
  • How to shoot dynamic rig mounted footage, maintaining focus and the choices you have that can help you in the edit
  • Planning your shot sequences
  • The importance of getting good coverage and how to communicate those decisions to your cast and crew
  • Logistics and legalities
  • How do you secure all the permissions necessary to make a film - release forms, contracts, insurance, call sheets and risk assessment
  • Storytelling for short film
  • How do the very best short films communicate with their audience?  Make your screenplays authentic, dynamic and economical?

You will also pitch your short film ideas to the group. Two screenplays will be chosen for production in weeks 8 and 9. The short film productions will be shot between 6 and 10pm in the studio and edited at the end of the course.

Start date: Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Timetable: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Fee: £310

Are you interested in this exciting new short course to develop your professional career?

Apply now, limited spaces available.