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Afterlife: Filmmaking HNC short film

Where do you go when you die?

A question that no one really knows. Brighton Film School HNC students decided to explore this topic in a short film with excellent creative results. Director Freddie Tarrant was inspired by the idea from a book called 'On a Pale Horse' by Piers Anthony, which features a very unique take on the concept of Heaven and Hell and how they would work as real, physical places in the universe.

With the help of co-writer Jess Hardy, the Filmmaking HNC group explored the premise of the film as a 'What if?'. What if when you died you didn't suddenly appear in the afterlife, you had to go through this clinical, bureaucratic run down little waiting room where you have more questions than you get answers.

The finished short film articulates this topic perfectly, and the students are very proud. Freddie the Director of Afterlife said: "It was an incredible feeling to be working with a dedicated crew of my classmates who were all enthusiastic about the idea for the film and making it into a reality. It was one of the best experiences I've had at the film school so far and I loved being in the role of director for the first time. Along with the crew, the actors we got to work with were fantastic. We brought Tom and Sharon in for a rehearsal, through a recommendation from Julian, and had to look no further. They immediately jumped on board with the project after going through the script with them and I couldn't have been happier with who we had to star in this project."

Freddie believes the project would not have been possible without the help from Brighton Film School, he said: "All of the equipment and facilities on hand along with the staff, which were always there to help with any problems we might have had, were an incredible help. Also the fact that I got to work with a crew which I had been with throughout the entire first year made the entire experience incredibly enjoyable. I really hope everyone involved had as much fun making this film as I did."

Watch the short film Afterlife below:

AFTERLIFE from Brighton Film School on Vimeo.