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Brighton Film School graduate lands role in BBC 2 Wild Brazil

Camila Coehlo, a former student at Brighton Film School, has been working on the popular documentary series ‘Wild Brazil’, screened on BBC 2 the last few weeks. Coehlo, who completed the Summer School course in August 2013 was employed as a scientific consultant, camera operator and editing assistant for the shoot. The series has been acclaimed by TV critics for capturing amazing images and new behaviours from the inhabitants of the Brazilian jungles.

She was also featured as one of the ‘stars’ from the popular behind-the-scene feature which follows the main documentary, which followed her role in the programme and the important part she played in the filming process.

Combining her knowledge gained from the course and a scientific background as a biologist working towards her PHD, Camilla Coehlo was able to contribute a unique perspective on this latest project from the world-acclaimed BBC documentary unit.

Commenting on her role in the programme:

“My first work with the BBC was on the series Life, where I helped the crews capture the extraordinary slow motion footage of capuchins using stone tools to crack nuts. For this series however I helped the team film even more amazing tool using behaviours.

The most extraordinary thing we captured on film though was the hunt of a rodent known as a punaré, and even involved a snake. I still find it hard to believe we managed to film such an incredible event.”

Camila Coehlo found her time at Brighton Film School a great help towards her career and interest in television and filmmaking and commented on her time on the course:

“Brighton Film School allowed me to have a hands-on experience, from writing a script to filming it, to promoting it. It helped me better understand the several parts involved in making a film, the importance of team work and most importantly to clarify what roles interest me as a filmmaker.

All roles are essential and complementary and being able to try out the different functions along the course gave me a practical understanding of each one. Filmmaking is a collective and organic experience, you're always compromising, adapting with several minds adding to it. I had a great time. Just as important was the chance to meet other people who are keen to get started in filmmaking and I'm certain some of us will keep in touch and collaborate on future projects.”

This is the second recent success for Camila, having seen her film that was created as part of her studies at Brighton Film School selected for screening at Cinecity Film Festival 2013.

Brighton Film School is a specialist training facility located in central Brighton. The school offers 2-year degree level programmes in Filmmaking HNC/HND and Art Direction and Production Design HNC/HND, as well as an industry recognised Cinematography and Directing Diploma. Brighton Film School also offers evening classes in Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Art Direction and Editing as well as courses for young filmmakers and a Summer School. Camila Coehlo graduated from the Summer School 2013 and is continuing her progress as a successful film and documentary maker.

For more information or to apply for a course please visit https://brightonfilmschool.co.uk/.