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Catching up with alumni Frankie Fairbrass

Frankie Fairbrass graduated from Brighton Film School in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in Film Production. After graduating Frankie founded a production company (Pier Street Films) and has taken his graduation documentary film (Codfathers) onto the festival circuit, for which he has received critical acclaim.

We caught up with Frankie to find out how he has got on since graduation and what advice he has for young filmmakers interested in documentary production.

Hi Frankie, great to catch up with you. I'd love to hear about Codfathers, how the film has been received and where it has been screened.

“Codfathers” played at the Croydon International Film Festival and was received really well. The actual screening was a full house and they responded brilliantly - laughing, listening and clapping at all the right times!

I was invited on stage for a Q&A with the festival director which was really good. In the end, “Codfathers” won the award for “Runner-up Documentary” of which I’m really proud of as there was a great deal of talent screened in the festival.

For the future, I am using the documentary as inspiration to start a drama series set in Billingsgate, of which we have shot a teaser called “The Workers” as well as some short documentaries on other markets such as Borough Market in London and Brixton Village.

How did Brighton Film School and the course help you make this film?

For “Codfathers” I was offered a lot of help and support from the film school. Head of School Gary Barber, initially sparked the idea to focus on the fish market after we were discussing both of our connections to markets in general. A subsequent introduction and further meetings with our Executive Producer, the award-winning Michele D’Acosta, helped shape the idea further, plus contributions from other tutors such as BAFTA winning Carol Harrison, who gave us the fantastic voice over!

How film school prepared you for work?

Going to Brighton Film School opened new doors for me.

Before coming to Brighton I had only made films that were just me messing about with mates, I didn’t realise I could do it for work!

Brighton Film School taught us a lot to do with set etiquette and the professionalism that comes with working with clients. Coming to Brighton Film School has proven to been invaluable.

What kind of professional connections did you make during your time here that have helped you after you left Brighton Film School and the kind of opportunities this might have opened up for you?

Since leaving I have worked on a mix of different jobs; branching into theatre, advertising promos and EPKs for feature films.

Brighton Film School have always been helpful in terms of making professional connections. So far I have also worked with my tutor on a few projects and I have also made good working friendships with actors who were in my first couple of projects, of which have now become my producers in our production company Pier Street.


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