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Catching up with James Cottrell

James graduated from Film Production BA last year and most recently has been working on BBC 'Repair Shop' series with Ricochet. Lets see how he found it.

How did you find out about the job at Ricochet?

So I found the job at Ricochet through a family member who had previous links to the company. I then sent my C.V in which resulted in a telephone interview for them to find out a bit more about my background etc.

What was your role on the 'Repair Shop' program?

So my role was as a location runner, although I would take this as a loose term as I was surprised and pleased by the amount of responsibility I was given.

I was initially responsible for backing up data and doing daily runs from our location to our office in Brighton bringing back the rushes for the edit team. I was also responsible for ensuring that I logged the rushes on location and at the office for the edit team so that they could easily decipher the footage shot on location.

Whilst on location I spent my time looking after contributors and ensured that the team of experts (our cast) had everything they needed to complete their jobs. I was a hand’s on member of the team so I did whatever was needed to assist in the smooth running of the production.

What did you learn/gain from your time there?

The experience has been invaluable for me as my first stepping stone into the industry, it has allowed me to grow further on my skills that I picked up at Brighton Film School. It’s reiterated how every day is different in this the film/TV industry which reminds me of what an exciting industry we are lucky enough to be part of.

How has taking Filmmaking BA at Brighton Film School benefited you?

The course was of huge value to me because it allowed me to enter the industry with a knowledge that most people don’t have at entry level. It makes the first day on location a less daunting one because you are taught the appropriate etiquette etc.

What’s next for you?

So as we are now in the postproduction stages of The Repair Shop my role on the project has now finished. I am now looking for my next project to move onto both inside and out of ricochet, at the moment I am looking into opportunities for roles on location but also the potential to move into a researcher role.

Do you have any advice for current and future Brighton Film School Students?

My advice would to be try and gain as much experience as you can and stay motivated as it will take time to get to that dream role you may be after. Once you do get your first stepping-stone make sure your the person that always says yes, people love motivation and enthusiasm and it might be what gets you your next opportunity within a production company or at the minimum allow you to get a great reference to get you involved with another.