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Dan Parkes - Former Student

Applying for a position on the One-Year ABFS Diploma Course in Motion Picture Production at Brighton Film School was one of the best decisions of my life; as during the three terms
there, I was able to produce three films which eventually went on to make my course fees back. Within a year of completing the course I had also set up a successful film production
company that now operates full time, and have gone on to make a feature film starring a well respected British actor that has won several awards and is in distribution.

Unlike many other schools which will spoon feed you theory and give you limited practice, Brighton Film School is all about hands-on practice and industry opportunities. This does
require a lot more self-initiative and self-motivated learning, but these are important ingredients for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in the film industry and hence the school
is a good testing ground to see whether you have what it takes to make it or not. Ultimately, like anything in life, you will only get out of it what you put in and for me, three award winning
films and a successful production company has been more than an ample reward. I am forever thankful to the Brighton Film School for their support in making my dream come true.

I really appreciated your course - and half the people I know now, I would never have met if it wasn't for you

Dan Parkes – www.parkesproductions.com