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Emilija Briedyte

Before coming to Brighton I had only a basic knowledge of how to create a film.

However, I was really eager to learn in depth about filmmaking and the industry itself.

Brighton Film School provides great opportunities for those who put an effort and show their initiative.

In between meetings with diverse people from industry (such as cinematographer Brian Tufano, screenwriter David Scinto, director Andrew Kotting and others) we had variety of workshops where we were taught how to use digital as well as film cameras, lights, editing software.

Moreover, I am truly grateful to Gary who arranged valuable possibilities for us to gain experience outside of the course.

After graduation I have got an offer to film promo videos in my home country Lithuania.

Nonetheless, I really hope not to lose a warm relationship we developed with the school, my classmates and teachers.

Emilija Briedyte

Student 2012