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Fantastic Filmmaking Summer School 2014

Brighton Film School are celebrating another fantastic and creative 3 weeks of filmmaking after the most recent Summer School finished and two new short films were wrapped.

This year we welcomed new filmmakers from across the UK and Europe who visited us to create a short film as part of their ongoing training in filmmaking or in some cases, to spend a portion of their Summer creating a short film just for fun. Two students joined the course in order to create a film to help demonstrate a portfolio and interest ahead of a University application. All had a great time!

Student Eklavya Sarkar said:

After learning about films in theory in the school, I felt like moving on the to the next step and actually learn to make them. After watching a touching movie, my mother and I decided to look for an (English speaking) Summer Film Workshop, since they don’t have any in Switzerland.

My three weeks were very enriching, in all aspects. I learnt a lot about how the industry actually works, including the theory, the practical, the production and the creative side of things. I feel like I’m equipped with all the basic knowledge on how to go about making an independent film if I wanted to, and that I can make my way on forward from here. After the course I watched some interviews of directors and I felt I could simply understand a lot more of what they were saying and actually use some of the practical advice and tips they were giving.

I would definitely recommend the course for people wanting to learn more about how things work in an actual shoot. A lot is said about Film Schools being too expensive and not necessary helpful to a aspiring filmmaker, but I would certainly advocate for a summer course for gaining and insight and moving from there, especially for students who are studying something completely different, like myself, who’s in a mechanical engineering degree.

Student Lucie Ducarre said:

I would like to work in the production industry and I thought that it would be useful to learn the basics of audiovisual technics to have a comprehensive understanding of the field. I found about Brighton Film School looking for Film schools on the web.

I chose Brighton Film School because of the duration of the course, the price and its good national ranking. Before coming in I was expecting to learn about the basics of audiovisual technics (camera, lights..). It turned out that I have learned a lot more not only about the technics but also about the material, about writing, directing and editing.  I would definitely recommend attending the Summer Course for any student looking for a strong overview of filmmaking. I have really appreciated these 3 weeks and it has already proved useful for my internship search.

By the time the course had ended, two high-quality short films had been made and are now being circulated and distributed to film festivals by the filmmakers. Below is one of the shorts, entitled "You are not where you ought to be".

The 3-week Filmmaking Summer School 2015 is open for application now and costs just £840. Apply today. 

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