Nicholas Bayfield’s experimental short film explores a condition on the Autism Spectrum that affects over 1 in 100 people in the UK. The film has so far won over 10 awards, including ‘Best Experimental Student Short’ at the high-profile Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and ‘Film Award Winner’ at the Autism Uncut festival.

The short film has received widespread critical acclaim and success elsewhere, including selection at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival and Miami Independent Film Festival.

Bayfield is an alumni of Brighton Film School’s BA (Hons) Film Production top-up validated by the University of Brighton. He created ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’ as his end of year graduation film, in part inspired by his own experience of the condition.

Nicholas explained: “Asperger’s syndrome is something that I was diagnosed with at a very early age. It’s basically a mild autism where you may struggle with social interaction, social communication and have issues with the five senses. You may also see the world differently from the way others view it. It’s a semi-autobiographical film that was made with limited resources, money and crew, which ended with positive results.”