An insight of the making of Azure – Dream Electric music video production, by Josh Crossfield, camera operator:

“Since day one, as a class, we had been looking forward to starting our music video assignment.

Azure was one of the bands whom provided a song for us to visualize. The band are a great group of individuals, and I must say they are extremely talented. They were amazing to work with and as a whole, everyone enjoyed their experience with them.

One of the students, Barnie Preece, pitched his idea to the band, this was the idea that was chosen by Azure. The idea was based of off the interests provided by the band, one of the motivational drives for the song, is the film ‘Blade Runner (1982)’. Barnie wanted to focus on the unique architecture in Brighton, this was something the band felt like they wanted.

As the idea progressed, Azure decided they wanted an artistic type narrative without the narrative. Ida created a great visual idea, using graffiti and different colours, while taking into context effects and cutting skills.

We also filmed using mini DV, as this is what Azure wanted, an old school look.

When gaining access to location, we failed to get access to a car park with shelter. We were able to access our contingency, Brighton Rock car park. However, we decided to skip this location as the travel would have burnt up time we did not have.

When I was creating a first edit, I thought to experiment with some double exposure, this created, in some sense, some of the unique architecture Azure wanted in the pitch. We were lucky to have W.I.Z watch our first edits and give constructive criticism. This really helped set a direction to go in.

Everyone’s edit in the group was completely different, stunning and unique in their own individual way. Azure liked mine and Calis, but wanted us to splice them together. We listened to their feedback and I did exactly that, and it worked and looks great.”


Director: Barnie/Ida
1st AD: Matt
Camera: Josh/ Cali
Lighting: Laurence/Angie