First year filmmaking students have collaborated with BIMM Brighton bands for their music video production unit

A successful creative collaboration between a Brighton Film School first year film crew and Suzi Island has wrapped up with a high quality music video.

Suzi Island, a duo from Brighton have released their debut single ‘Show Me The Way’ produced and mixed by Pete Robertson of the Vaccines.

After paving the way with their successful debut: landing the Hypemachine top 20, and having the song featured on Made In Chelsea, the two 20 year-olds are making massive moves in 2018.

Following in the footsteps of Royal Blood, British Sea Power and most recently the likes of Yonaka & Dream Wife, Suzi Island are the latest band to form in the breezy seaside town of Brighton. The duo grew up together in Andover, playing in bands all their teenage lives.

Band member Hugh Reilly-Smith commented on his experience working with the film school students: “It was a real joy working with such a professional group of people. Everybody was so enthusiastic and understood exactly what we wanted to get across within the video. We loved every second of it, and the team’s ability to create such a productive, easy-going environment is definitely one of the many reasons why it became such a successful creative collaboration!”

Director and filmmaking student, Lea Meyer, explains the creative of the music video: “I really like surreal concepts and I was looking on Pinterest for some inspiration on how we could portray mental illness and I saw a photo of a young autistic boy behind a chewing gum vending machine. That’s when I thought we could use a fish bowl to represent mental illness in the music video. Suzi Island wanted to show escapism and mental health in the video, so we felt this was a good representation.”

At Brighton Film School, the music video unit is one of the first on location productions the students will shoot. Lea shares her thoughts on working as a film crew: “I loved it, it was so much fun! They made my job a lot easier as everyone had a specialist set of skills in their department. It meant I could focus on keeping the energy going and working directly with the band.”

You can watch Show Me The Way, a Brighton Film School production, below: