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First year Filmmaking students create music video for Brighton band

Brighton Film School students unveil music video with band Dakka Skanks

First year filmmaking students experienced the challenging but rewarding music industry by putting their skills to the test to create a music video to a professional standard for local Brighton band Dakka Skanks.

Music videos provide the ideal opportunity for Brighton Film School students to experiment with visual moving imagery, allowing them to use their creative imagination and explore non-narrative form.

Dakka Skanks launched their music video yesterday (Thursday 13th July) and are thrilled with the final product. They said: "We had an awesome time collaborating with everyone who helped us over at Brighton Film School, we're so happy with our finalised music video, thank you so much to all of you!"

Dakka Skanks talk about current global affairs in their songs and they wanted this theme to be shown in the music video. The single 'No More' talks about people's disillusionment in democracy and is a protest song against the divide between the rich and the poor. They said: "The creative came from the film school students. We showed them images of the original scene to take inspiration from and spoke of what we liked and didn't like, giving them free rein to be as creative as possible. In the end, the director Jamie Caribbean's idea stood out the most, ironically, because of its subtlety. We wanted subtle political themes while staying true to the traditional working mans pub setting."

Learning by doing is at the heart of Brighton Film School's ethos. On the music video project, students work with a real client, developing ideas suitable for their style and audience.  Working in crews, the students plan, produce and deliver a final music video, liaising with the client throughout the process to ensure that the finished film meets their requirements.

Watch Dakka Skank's music video 'No More', created by Brighton Film School students. Please be advised that the following music video includes some moderate language:

Dakka Skanks - No More from Brighton Film School on Vimeo.


Concept by: Jamie Carriban
Directed by: Jamie Carriban
Production Managers: Jamie Carriban & Cameron Laurance
Camera: Morgan Harwood & Cameron Vincent
Lighting: Matthew Wilson
Lighting / Grip: Katie Gallagher
Set Design: Arran Armitage
Runners: Hugo Harrison-Carr & Joe Pettit

Produced by Brighton Film School, as part of the HNC Filmmaking course