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Former Student Maria Salcher Brighton Film School Alumni

The course at the Brighton Film School not only gave me a better insight into the industry but also taught me to use my previous experience as an events coordinator to my advantage as a Production Manager.

Because I hadn’t worked in the industry before, Gary enabled me to take part in many productions to gain more confidence but also to broaden my knowledge in other areas of film making such as cinematography and sound.

I am a firm believer of hands on experience and I feel that this course not only gave me that but also the confidence to successfully apply for a course at the NFTS in Production Management.

Since finishing my studies at the National Film and TV School in September 2013 I worked on a number of productions including commercials for Philips, Google and ITV and film and TV productions such as Cinderella (Kenneth Branagh), 24: Live Another Day (John Cassar), Woman In Gold (Simon Curtis) and The Enfield Haunting (Kristoffer Nyholm).

Brighton Film School gave me an amazing start in the industry and helped me get the relevant experience to work my way up within the production department. The technical knowledge I gained at the school has been invaluable on many of my productions and is giving me a real advantage when budgeting for shoots as a production manager.