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Greenfingers: Filmmaking Diploma short film

How much does technology isolate people?

Brighton Film School Filmmaking Diploma student's explored this modern topic in a short film called 'Greenfingers'. The story follows two very conflicting characters, one who has become completely desocialised because of his work and one who is much more personable and outgoing.

Ed Hamilton wrote and directed Greenfingers with a Filmmaking Diploma film crew, he said: "There were plenty of ups and downs but we had some really great people working on the film and when it came to the shoot, everybody was really keen to make it as good as it could be. There are obviously things I'd change if we were making it again, but it's all part of the learning process. The biggest lesson was that when you have restricted time to shoot, the script needs to be as simple as possible. There was very little room for re-shooting scenes because we simply didn't have the time."

The Filmmaking Diploma course runs for 9 months and is usually 1 full day a week with extra days scheduled around guest speakers and filming days. Ed spoke of his experiences on the Filmmaking Diploma, he said: "We shot the whole film on set at the film school and we were lucky to have so much input from the art department. Being a diploma course, we found that people had to move on with other projects or their jobs fairly quickly after we graduated, but there was still plenty of support from the staff."

But how does Greenfingers end? Ed gave us a cheeky insight into the twisted story line: "I wanted to make something that didn't end predictably. The obvious thing seemed to be for him to get the girl against all the odds, so I turned him into a creep instead."

Watch the short film Greenfingers below:

Greenfingers from Brighton Film School on Vimeo.