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Grip it Good!

Part tutorial, part love letter, this is one filmmakers tribute to those important team members that form an integral part of any film shoot, the Grip Department! Shot by Mark Vargo, he comments that 'film schools don't spend enough time on gripping', well that's not the case at Brighton Film School.

Brighton Film School delivers courses and practical training that will equip you with the skills and experience to enter the British film industry, and we realise the importance of good Grip skills and the role a Grip Department plays in any film. No grips, no Oscar nomination. Grips provide 1/2 of the lighting on stage and sometimes 100% of the lighting outdoors. You cannot learn how to shoot without some knowledge of "cutting" light. Hopefully this video will help you approach your lighting plan differently in the future.

Grip it Good from Mark Vargo on Vimeo.

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