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A short documentary inspired by Plumton village stories, made by Brighton Film School BA graduate Dom Satchell during his time on the Filmmaking Diploma.

A short documentary on the working day of Billingsgate market by Brighton Film School BA graduate Frankie Fairbrass in his HND year.

'Having seen the effect that having a child with autism can have on the family through my work with young people with learning disabilities, I was pleased to have the opportunity to work with Axel’s mother Catherine to explore these issues. Initially the film was going to focus more on Axel’s experiences, but as production went on, it became as much a story about Catherine’s experiences as a
mother of a child with autism as it was about Axel. It was a privilege to make this film and I am extremely grateful to Catherine for allowing me to do so.' Matt Knight

"An expository documentary, presenting the secret life of an adrenaline junkie; exploring who he is and what he does, whilst observing archive footage of his past challenges and adventures, revealing that there's more than meets the eye with individuals who perform extreme stunts." Harry Bennett