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New 1 Year Feature Script Course

Brighton Film School – in association with acclaimed screenwriter David Scinto – offers this new course for six developing writers to complete a feature film script in one academic year.

The sessions will be held every Monday at Brighton Film School with support and guidance from David Scinto (Gangster No 1, Sexy Beast and 44 Inch Chest).

The weekly sessions will offer guidance through the various stages of script development including choosing the initial idea, structure, plot, character development and dialogue.

The course will also provide a supportive environment in which students will work with a small group of people to create their projects. All six ideas will be developed and nurtured through group sessions and one-to-one tutorials.

Applicants will be asked to submit the first 10 pages of a feature-length script. Selection for the course will be based on previous experience, potential writing ability, evidence of commitment and a passion to write.

The course will run for 40 weeks at a cost of £5,000.