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10 week Animation course with Brighton Film School

An Introduction to Animation

Do you want to learn about animation, recap on what you already know, or discover a new way of telling stories? Brighton Film School is offering a 10 week course introducing you to modern and classic animated film. This short course has proven to be very popular and has sold out quickly leaving a waiting list for the following dates. We strongly recommend applying sooner rather than later. The course is taught in a fun, practical and informative manner that will help you create your own animated story.

Tim Sanpher: animation expert

You will be encouraged to expand on your own creative skills and reach out into the world of animation, and ultimately produce a short digital film.

The course is run by Tim Sanpher an industry professional with over 20 years experience working at the top end of the animation world. His enthusiasm for all aspects of animated film making have led him to work on feature films, TV series, music videos and hundreds of commercials. This variety of work has exposed Tim to many styles and techniques that he will share with you.

What will I study on the 10 week animation course?

You will be guided through developing ideas and producing a short piece using After Effects. The sessions will include:

  • Introduction to different areas of animation and the industry process
  • After Effects tutorials and familiarisation
  • Story development and realisation process
  • Case studies of animated films and videos
  • Completion of a short digital animation
Start date: Monday 25th September 2017
Timetable: Monday evenings 6:30pm-9:30pm for 10 weeks
Fee: £310
Don't delay, apply now: application form
Topic List:
Week 1
  • Introduction to animation technique and roles
  • Developing story ideas
  • See a film

Week 2

  • Introduction to the editing process
  • Filing process for animation
  • Storyboarding ideas
  • Case study
Week 3
  • Introduction to Adobe After Effects
  • Screen examples of Tim's After Effects work
  • 1-1 tutorial with Tim
  • Storyboarding and designing of project
  • Case study

Week 4

  • Break film down into elements and make a schedule
  • Sound in animation
  • Case study

Week 5

  • Introduction to other industry programs
  • Traditional animation industry: Disney v Warners
  • Stop motion animation

Week 6

  • Walks in After Effects
  • Project work continues
  • Case study
Week 7
  • Discuss title options
  • Case study
  • Mini project on After Effects
Week 8
  • Animation in children's TV
  • Case study
Week 9
  • Visual Effects
  • Title sequence
  • Case study
Week 10
  • Students add finishing touches then render their projects
  • Screen all films

Are you interested in this 10 week animation course? Contact us now to book: limited spaces available!