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Course content - Diploma in Filmmaking

What will you study on the Diploma in Filmmaking?

Term 1

Get up and running with the Canon DSLR, Zoom recorder, boom and directional mic to work as part of a crew. Develop a short 5-minute narrative piece through ideas development sessions, followed by pitching, scriptwriting, pre-production, shoot and edit, using FCPX. Additional workshops cover building and operating the Arri SR3, Super 16 and an introduction to the Canon C100, Black Magic Cinema, Red 4K, Sony A7s and Panavision Genesis shooting kits. Topics include:

  • Film history - The Brighton School and Hove Pioneers
  • The principles of cinematography and directing
  • Shot composition
  • Film stock and processing
  • Image acquisition - the camera
  • Lenses and and advanced exposure control
  • Sound recording
  • Directing actors

Term 2

Deepen your understanding of the principles of cinematography and directing and learn more about the work of other departments, while also planning and scheduling a shoot and arranging a crew. Focus on a specialist area of interest and develop your idea for Term 3. Topics include:

  • Lighting and sound for interview
  • Working as a freelance camera operator
  • Producing factual content
  • Ideas development for term 3 production
  • Advanced cinematography workshops
  • Advanced directing workshops
  • Short factual production

Term 3

Receive guidance and support as you seek employment, make applications for postgraduate study, submit work to festivals and continue to develop ideas for future projects. Topics include:

  • Pre-production for 10-minute short film
  • Camera tests
  • Recce, casting and rehearsal
  • Sync or post sound
  • Titles
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Festival entries
  • Progression plan