Topic List

Week 1

Introduction to camera theory, exposure theory & Balancing the light, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO and Neutral Density. Achieving a shallow depth of field and adjusting colour temperature.

Week 2

Camera practical. Shoot stills in small groups with long and wide lenses, balancing depth of field, aperture, ISO shutter speed. View results at end of class

Week 3

Plan and shoot a short mute chronological sequence incorporating six shots.

The invisible cut + dynamic shot sequences.

Introduction to Editing. Assemble shot sequences.

Week 4

Sound Theory and Practical. Sound waves / Khz & Bit rate

Mechanics of the Microphone & audio capure. Short interview exercise with using sync sound/ clapper – sync Editing on FCPX

Week 5

Camera skills recap. How to cover a scene effectively. Angles, cutaways, crossing the line. The language and conventions of drama.

Deeper analysis of FCPX. A brief introduction to STORY

Week 6

Four line dialogue, synch shoot on set in two groups directed by Julian with students as crew and actors. Prepare Pitches for next week

Week 7

Students Pitch 3 minute idea to be shot on the set in week 7/8

Pre-production starts on A and B

Week 8

Shoot Film ‘A”

Week 9

Shoot Film ‘B’. Edit Shoot A

Week 10

Final Edits on ‘A’ & ‘B’ and Screenings