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Our top-10 favourite film-related ice bucket challenges

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping the internet and we must admit, at Brighton Film School we do enjoy a chuckle at some of the more creative ones.

So in honour of those brave souls who have thrown ice over themselves as part of a very worthy cause to fund-raise and raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease, we at Brighton Film School have picked our top 10 favourite film-related ice bucket challenge videos. Filmmakers, we salute you!

Idris Elba takes a bath

Mr-smooth, Idris Elba couldn't say no when challenged live on air to take the ice bucket challenge. We give him props for dancing it off but it does look cold!

Ice-bucket challenge David Lynch-style

The ice bucket challenge is executed by David Lynch in classic David Lynch style... with an iced coffee and a challenge issued to Putin. Over to you Russia.


Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan - 2 for the price of 1

Despite the slightly menacing setting for this one, it wins inclusion into our top 10 because you get 2 film stars for the price of 1.

Loki gets a dunking

Tom Hiddleston was one of my favourite bad guys with his role of Loki, so for personal reasons, this gets inclusion just because I like to see Loki completely bemused by his ice cold dunking.

Dave Baptista takes it to the next level

Hollywood's top tough guy of the moment takes the ice bucket challenge to a new level.....

Jack Black

Anything Jack Black does is funny in my opinion...

Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible

This is next level stuff from Tom Cruise.... he looks like he is really suffering by the end of the video.

Robert Downey Jr takes it in the pool

A bit of an insight into RDJ's home life here. Luxury pool, but is it me or did his wife look like she really enjoyed that?!

Emily Blunt

This made me laugh out loud. I suspect Emily Blunt's assistant had never heard of the ice bucket challenge or had a real understanding of his role in the whole affair...

High-School Musical... The Reunion!

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